Boehmeria conica

Boehmeria conica C. J. Chen, Wilmot-Dear & Friis;

China (Yunnan), SE-Tibet, NE-India, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar [Burma] as per Catalogue of Life;

There is another closely related species to Boehmeria polystachya Weddell (with distribution in Nepal also as per Catalogue of life) as per keys in Flora of China:
7 (6)Leaf blade elliptic ovate, apex acuminate; flowering shoots with irregular second order branching; achene base narrowly cuneate. 20 B. polystachya
+Leaf blade ovate-orbicular to suborbicular, apex abruptly caudate; flowering shoots with simple, spikelike branches only; achene base rounded. 21 B. conica

On checking with keys and high resolution specimens of Boehmeria conica C.J.Chen, Wilmot-Dear & Friis at GBIF, I think we do not have any posting of it so far in efi.


Catalogue of Life  GBIF (High resolution specimens) Flora of China