Maldives- tree at Hulhumale

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Please identify this tree.

Ficus sp. ?

Not Ficus Sir.

is this in india? naturally occurring. planted? seems some arborist has been looking after it for a while, thats almost a non-occurrence in our urban areas. so where is it? 
Does it contain latex ?

Yes. This inf. is required.

Meliaceae by any chance? 

Pl. give us the place and date for id. 

Calophyllum sp??? though i have not seen such bleached white bark on one of these. yet its possible
In Hulhumale, Maldives. This is not native to this place.

I think this you should have given in the beginning itself, as everybody was thinking of some urban place in India. I think wasted efforts of everybody. 
yes true but somewhat thick and may be leathery leaves made me wonder. i am stumped and the case presentor is not very helpful or forthcoming with info. it was like pulling teeth to get the location from him. i like to go hunt for diagnosis but the originator has to be helpful too. i jumped into this case but in future i may not participate in his cases
I understand, the initial information you got was insufficient. I apologize for that.
This tree is 12 to 14 year old. Not flowered yet.