Dzongri Trek: N. Sikkim, Small Herb
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Pls ID this small herb 10-15 cm tall. Flowers about 1 cm. Found near Prekchu 2500 m elevation in April.

So you finally made it to the Hooker's, Yuksam-Dzongri route ...

Will be pleased to know if my tips regarding the route and logistics helped. As informed initially, this particular route requires preparation, even after giving tips, it always takes a couple of years before my other acquaintances also made this trip

Did you go to Dzongri or only upto Tshoka?

In 2009 when I went to this biosphere there was talk about moving the few permanent residents out of Tsokha and having only trekkers / visitor’s huts her. Have they implemented it?

Also, did you visit the grasslands beyond Dzongri towards Goecha La? I found a lot of floral abundance in the grasslands. Hope you have had a good day in Mumbai at VJBU today.

Unable to help with the identification. Multiple views may aid another member identify it.

Thanks for your tips, they helped in initial logistics.
We walked through the treasure of Rhodos and reached Dzongri while enjoying clean and beautiful trek route. Tsokha camp is as before with the local(?) guy now running a shop. Forest lady guard at Dzongri was very alert in maintaining cleanliness and preventing trekkers from cutting any wood for fire and walking sticks. We went ahead of Dzongri camp to watch the panorama of snow peaks. Slopes ahead of tree line were full of just Rhodo shrubs, but they were not in flowers. It was the most enjoyable trek I ever did in last 15 years.
VJBU was excellent with a bag of 10 new flowering trees.
striking photo, esp with violetish flower, green leaf on a black background and muffled light from the left, If I did not know that you were trekking I would swear that it was a studio set up, well done.

what intrigues me very much is how the black/dark violet stalk of the flower just springs out of the leaf, and not from the absolute center, as in the central vein's axis...
what a stange spot the flower to arise from.... or is it camera or computer magic?

would love to know... about this picture and then of course the ID...
The plant is tiny and so is the image as well, only 15K. The flower stock has emerged from the leaf axil but the lower green part is merged with the background of the leaf. There is enough magic in the plant and I can not brave to intrigue someone who may be helping me with ID. Thanks for liking the photo.