Capsicum species- Kalimpong, West Bengal

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May I know the name of Capsicum species ?

Capsicum baccatum L. ??

Pl. see if you can find a match here:
interesting history and chromosomal analysis
added here to keep in our databse
--- my thoughts on this exercise with these two cases of yours
you may not find an exact match for your chillies in the published pics
for very many reasons
you can however come close
please photograph the flowers
measuring size and also the leaves again measuring size, hairyness etc 
and all parts of the developing fruits
and if you have access to a agri lab and they are willing 
store some samples
so genetic analysis can be done
the peppers evolve and hybridize like crazy
that's why the world has thousands of varieties from the original few.
that Columbus found and Vasco brought over to India.
i wonder if ... reads these things????
Thank you very much
I read everything
well then!! thoughts??