Capsicum species/ Cultivars

a tray full of red chillies was drying in the sun just outside khichupudi lake, sikkim
november 2010 
-  It may be C. chinense, C. frutescens.
Naga Jolokia—is a chili pepper recognized by Guinness World Records as the third hottest pepper in the world. The pepper is typically called the ghost chili or ghost pepper.
- I just knew that they were amongst the spiciest
- There was an article on this chilly in the Hindustan Times.  Here is the link.

A suggestion and request. Could one of the more knowledgeable in the group put together a chart of the varieties of chillies that grow all over India - the photo  area in which it is grown and heat/colour properties also if it
has an equivalent Engish name/ common indian name etc. it would be very interesting and useful to see them all together . Same could be done for the tomatoes and brinjals.

May be it can be a research project for the young ladies who may be enterprising enough in your own institute?  What a lovely way to spend a few weeks this summer?   Spending time between the computer, library / books and the bazaars for vegetables....  and then the more knowledgeable professors from eflora could help out with the
scientific IDs and classification.  Dr. Gurucharan Singhji has already produced a key for Solanums....
white chilli from Hooghly (WB) 30-03-12 SK-2: Found this white variety of Capsicum beside a road. The owner used the narrow space lying between the road and and its drainage to grow this and some other vegetables like pumpkin, gourd etc.
Species : UNKNOWN
Habit & Habitat : roadside cultivation
Date : 30-03-12, 10.30 a.m.
Place : Garalgacha (Hooghly), WB
Interesting.... is it spicy of peaceful as white :)
I wonder whether it will stay lemon white or turn to red when mature. Please read this one:
The owner said that this white/albino chilli was real hot!
But i can not confirm because he (the owner), with a disgruntled face, kept an watchful eye on my every movement in his property :)
I had seen completely black colored fruits long back from Thanjavur. They also like this small fruits but spicy.
Sometimes we also come across one or two purplish-black chilli along with green or red variety. Can you please confirm if those chilli were albino/white in immature stage?
I met the owner of this chilli today. He said, "I am growing this chilli for the last 3 or 4 years.... this year the pods are smaller.... the pods turn reddish when ripe... these are much fiery than the usual variety we see here...!"
Two of his neighbours also confirmed its fiery taste. The pods are about an inch long. Attaching images that i have recorded this morning.