Scrophulariaceae member ?- Mizoram

This herb with sessile leaves is from Mizoram .. Looks like from Scrophulariaceae family.
Date/Time: 10-11-2008 / 12:10PM
Location: Near Reiek Peak, Ailawng, Mizoram.
Habitat: Wild
Plant Habit: Herb. (erect, with hairy stem), 20 to 25
..., check these -
I think Verbascum chinense.
Well, I am wrong then. I thought flowers are sessile, campanulate, with peculiar characteristic greenish-yellow curved structure at the centre.
I request you to take a relook. The flowers of this herb is entirely different from the other posts on Verbascum chinense (L.) Santapau. Long inflexed style is characteristically different to almost straight shorter one of Verbascum chinense (L.) Santapau. Besides, flowers are subtended by leaves or leaf-like bracts and linear oblong bracteoles.
Please check FBI. iv.297 and FoC page -
I agree with ... this does not look like Verbascum chinense..
Thank you very much Sir.
Illustration of Alectra sessiliflora (Vahl) Kuntze and images of several species (incl. A. sessiliflora and A. avensis ) can be found at A taxonomic revision of A. sessiliflora can be found at  
Scrophulariaceae Verbascam Chinese
I am afraid if this is Verbascum chinense none other post in can be Verbascum chinense.
The differences are too many and I have already mentioned a few in my earlier mails. Besides the sessile flowers and style character, larger (than flower) bracts, bractioles, sepals character ..... all are different.  It can never be Verbascum chinense.