Scrophulariaceae of the Western Himalayas By Francis . Pennell (1943)- Description & Keys-
Scrophularia calycina,
Scrophularia decomposita
Scrophularia dentata,
Scrophularia edgeworthii,
Scrophularia exserta,
Scrophularia himalayensis (himalensis in the Plant List),
Scrophularia koelzii,
Scrophularia moniliformis,
Scrophularia obtusa,
Scrophularia nudata,
Scrophularia petraea,
Scrophularia polyantha,
Scrophularia robusta,
Scrophularia scoparia,
Scrophularia scabiosaefolia,
Scrophularia stenothyrsa,
Scrophularia stewartii,
Scrophularia striata
Scrophularia suffruticosa)