Chaenostoma cordatum (USA)


Sutera cordata
also known by the name Bacopa or Ornamental Bacopa (not to be confused with the genus of that name) is a species in the genus Sutera (Scrophulariaceae) and is now more properly called Chaenostoma cordata, and best known in its cultivated forms. Another synonym is Sutera diffusus.
It originated in southern Africa, and is a tender perennial forming a ground cover, but often used in hanging baskets.
Small dark green heart shaped leaves and small round five-petaled white flowers at the branch tips can be found year round, but at its prime in spring.
(From Wikipedia  on 20.8.13)

Chaenostoma cordatum (syn: Sutera cordatum) 'Guliver blue' photographed from Sunnyvale California
Chaenostoma cordatum (Sutera cordata) photographed from Sunnyvale, California'Gulliver%20White'-Summervalley-nursery-Sunnyvale-P1080022-California-1.jpg?part=0.1&view=1&vt=ANaJVrF5Otp4nlp3FgSgjSUy2kCo_27uN6xKl6tQLJ28Ok6rvD8BW-htZEl25sJKNfaCWnhnzSkuXhOiaabhx5M_qR58-4tBxQRhtHafqXL__PpZS7hyUPA'Gulliver%20White'-Summervalley-nursery-Sunnyvale-P1080023-California-2.jpg?part=0.2&view=1&vt=ANaJVrHqpH7ZQPbJJqTdeolIPs6qp5C2pMrn6DvxLyz5QhRXZZnhLcqvOgvlkejpwrnR2odA6i-ImVfX5QbQ9gm0vwM5o3wgiCFDiW7pqQry35p3UZPF5dM

Chaenostoma cordatum (syn: Sutera cordata) 'Guliver white', photographed from Sunnyvale, California