Saxifraga species

Saxifraga species;

TQ: Saxifraga spp from Paddar Valley, J&K: Saxifraga species from Paddar Valley, Jammu and Kashmir.
Found flowering in early August.
A mat-forming plant as obvious from the picture
Please identify. Especially seeking ... opinion. (Pictures not taken by me)

A Herb for ID (24/-6/2011 NSJ-02):   A wild Herb for ID.
Habitat - Wild
Location - Hill Slope near Panamik (Nubra Valley) Ladakh
Altitude - Around 4000 m
Date - June 09, 2011
Flowers around 5 to 7 mm in size
I hope Saxifraga sp.
To me it is not Saxifraga since flowers have 5 stamens only (as visible to me in the pics). Saxifrags have 10 stamens.