Bergenia purpurascens

Images by Pravin Kawale


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A herb at Tsongmo Lake, Sikkm
19May, 2013

Is it an orchid?
Not an Orchid. It is a species of Bergenia (Saxifragaceae), possibly B.purpurascens.
I think it is Bergenia, probably B. stracheyi
... should be correct. Saw the mail after hitting send button...and undo didn't work :(
Certainly not Coelogyne, with is an epiphytic orchid and different coloured flowers.
... is correct that it is Bergenia purpurascens. Not B.stracheyi which is not recorded in E.Himalaya. Has purplish flowers with leaves
without margin finely toothed with bristle-like hairs.
Recorded amongst rocks & open slopes from Central Nepal to SW China @ 3600-4700m.  The common alpine species of C & E Nepal.