Salix serpyllum

Salix serpyllum Andersson, J. Linn. Soc., Bot. 4: 55–56 1860. (Syn: Salix arbuscula Anderss.; Salix brachista var. multiflora C. Wang & P.Y. Fu; Salix chumulamanica C. Wang & P.Y. Fu; Salix fruticulosa Anderss.; Salix furcata Anderss.; Salix hylematica C. K. Schneider; Salix hylematica var. scopulicola (P. I Mao & W. Z. Li) N. Chao & G. T. Gong; Salix longipes Hook. fil. & Thoms. ex Anderss.; Salix nelamunensis C. Wang & P.Y. FuSalix scopulicola P. Y. Mao & W. Z. Li);

Tibet, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Sikkim as per Catalogue of life;
Salix serpyllum Andersson
This carpet willow is found in North Sikkim.
Catkins are red and are associated with Primula species very often.
My 3rd species of Salix from Himachal (3700 m asl).
Thanks ... for posting this beautiful willow!! This is male catkins of Salix hylematica Schneider (syn. S. fruticulosa Andersson; S. furcata Andersson).
I want to know the male catkins whether on terminal of branchlets, i'm not sure from the picture.
This should be Salix faxonianoides C. Wang & P.Y. Fu, Acta Phytotax. Sin. 12(2): 194–195, pl. 50, f. 2. 1974.
My 2nd species of Salix from Himachal (3700 m asl)
Possibly Salix denticulata?
This is also Salix hylematica.

My 4th Salix species from Himachal (3600 m asl) 
This species is Salix hylematica (syn. S. fruticulosa & S. furcata) showing female catkins
Interesting species. I have not seen it here in Uttarakhand.
This should be interesting ... I photographed a dwarf species from above Tungnath, which I identified as S. hylematica from Flowers of Himalayas, which describes only two dwarf alpine shrublets. I excluded S. linleyana which is matforming species (this was not). I will upload soon after I am through with my Populus uploads, to have it confirmed or identified as something else.