Populus szechuanica var. tibetica (Introduced)

Populus szechuanica var. tibetica C.K. Schneid., Pl. Wilson. 3(1): 33 1916. (Syn: Populus pamirica var. tibetica (C. K. Schneid.) N. Chao & J. Liu; Populus schneideri var. tibetica (Schneid.) N. Chao) as per Catalogue of life;

China (Sichuan), Tibet as per Catalogue of life;
Populus ciliata Wall. ex Royle
Commonly planted along roadsides in Kashmir. Photographed from Srinagar, Kashmir.
It is P. szechuanica var. tibetica (detail you can found in Schneider, C.K. 1916. In Sargent, C.S., Plantae Wilsonianae 3(1)-page 20, 33-34. The University Press, Cambridge.
The basic character of the leaf blade of P. ciliata is that it is cordate at base. I attached the type specimen of P. ciliata of Wallich [ Wall. Cat. (List ) No. 2796. CAL ( Accn. no. 445353)].