Flacourtia species ?- near mysore city

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photos of a large bush, reaching an height of 4 mtr, near mysore city
outskirts is forwarded for identification.

may be some Flacortia sp.
May be Cassine glauca also
Want to go with Cassine glauca studing the leaf morphology and arrangment. please see the attached photo of a twig of this plant and I have hilighted the areas of match and try to resemble with the original photos.
Was the tree trunk thorny? and are the leaves in opposite (or sub opposite) or alternate phyllotaxy.
Please send us details when you request for Id please. Also, I suggest you to collect informations from local people such as whether the fruit is edible or not (because the fruit of Flacaurtia spp. is edible and people use the fruit to make pickle). This would enhance the data base and the enthusiasm of different people as well, I guess.
This does looks like Flacourtia indica. Definitely not Celastraceae.
I also think it is not from Celastraceae.
It should be either Flacourtia or Scolopia. Not Cassine.
Please provide a bigger, more detailed picture(s) of a couple of leaves and a branch with possible thorn. Otherwise the suggestions below will remain suggestions only.