Skimmia laureola

Skimmia laureola (DC.) Siebold & Zucc. ex Walp., Repert. Bot. Syst. 5: 405 405 1845. (Syn: Limonia laureola DC.);
Very popular in NW Himalayas as Ner Patar. Leaves used as incense, are burnt to purify the air.

Skimmia laureola
is species of shrub grown as an ornamental plant.
The leaves are edible when cooked. The leaves give an aromatic smell when crushed.
It produces white flowers that develop into small round red berries.
The berries are eaten by birds, which disperse the seeds through their droppings. S. laureola is also used in bonsai.
Its distribution ranges from northern China to the Northern Himalayas. They are grown in Vietnam. 
(From Wikipedia on 2.10.14)
Rutaceae week : Skimmia laureola: Skimmia laureola locally known as 'Nair Pat' in Kumouni language is used as dhoop or inscence. The photograph was taken at Tunghnath (Rudraprayag) alt. ca. 2500 mts. A shrub about 5o cm tall with highly aromatic leaves
Very popular in NW Himalayas as Ner Patar. Leaves used as incense, are burnt to purify the air. I have yet to capture it in flowering.
Tunganath is approx. 4000m (12000 ft) for sure. Chopta is 3000m (9000 ft) so it seems this is between Chopta and Dodabitta/ Duggalbitta.
I noticed that the flora here changes with altitude (and flowering period) esp. wrt rhododendron species and am extrapolating it for other flora also; Please confirm whether altitude is correct (2500m) or the name of the place ie. Tunganath.
I wrote it aprox. 2500 m as I had no device to measure the altitude but the plant was observed as you just start the trek from Chopta under the shade of Quercus spp. I hope you are correct for the altitude
In Kashmir it starts at about 2300 m altitude in Tangmarg and continue up to nearly 2800 m below Khillenmarg.
id pl: 1 image.
photo taken in during trek in Sikkim, above Yuksum at the height of 8000 feet .
I guess Skimmea laureola
Yes Skimmia laureola from Rutaceae a strongly fragrant herb used in dhoop and inscences in Himalayan region !
Skimmia laureola (DC.) Siebold & Zucc. ex Walp.
Small evergreen shrub found in forest areas in Kashmir, leaves burned for air purification.
Photographed from Herbal Garden, Srinagar, Kashmir.
Yes sir. As per Flora of India it is S.anquetilia.
But it belongs to Rutaceae?
Thanks ... for pointing out.
Rutaceae Week: Skimmia laureola (DC.) Siebold & Zucc. ex Walp. from Kashmir: Skimmia laureola (DC.) Siebold & Zucc. ex Walp.
Common name: Ner pattar
Photographed from Kashmir
Interesting plant I was wondering if the fruits are edible?