Glycosmis species

gly-KOS-mis -- sweet-smelling
pen-tuh-FIL-uh -- from the Greek penta (five) and phyllum (leaf)
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Feb 18, 2012 ... Mollem National Park, Goa
commonly known as: gin berry, orangeberry, rum berry • Bengali: আশ শ্যাওড়া ash sheora, বন জামির ban jamir • Hindi: बन निम्बू ban nimbu • Marathi: किरमिरा kirmira • Oriya: ଅଣାଚାରା anachara, ଚାଉଳଧୁଆ chauladhua • Tamil: காட்டுக்கொஞ்சி kattu-k-konci, கொஞ்சி konci • Telugu: గొంజి gonji
Native to: Indomalaysia
References: Flowers of IndiaBiotikENVIS - FRLHTDDSAFurther Flowers of Sahyadri by Shrikant Ingalhalikar
more views: Feb 18, 2012 ... Mollem National Park, Goa
Oct 15, 2010 ... near Lion's Point, Lonavala, Maharashtra
New to me.
Characters to look for in Genus Glycosmis
...Leaflets 3-5. Base equal.
...Anthers glandular
Diff. between the two species observed in Mah.
1 Leaflets with subdentate margin; ovary ovoid,sessile; fruits glandular mammilate.....G.pentaphylla
1 Leaflets with entire margin; ovary fusiform,stalked; fruits glandular pitted.....
Please check for the leaf character carefully.
Is supposed to be found on edges of jungles in Bengal...
have not seen it in fallow lands in urban areas
new to me'
Many thanks ..., ... I must be wrong in my ID as per your keys.
Attaching pics of what i know as Glycosmis pentaphylla. I can't say about the authenticity of the ID but this plant is very common here and it is known as toothbrush-plant in English and AASH-SHAORA (আশ শ্যাওড়া) in Bengali. I am not adding any taxonomist name because -
I took these pics about 2 hours ago, except the last one (yesterday).
Many thanks ... ji for validating posted plant.
Dear friends,
Would wait for more validating comments to conclude ID(s) of my two posted plants at Goa and Lonavala.
There are chances of me having mixed two plants in this post - my apologies.
... has provided keys to Glycosmis (pentaphylla and mauritiana).
Though they clarify the differences, it does not make me (with my own limitations), able to differentiate the two close species.
In context of these two close species - subdentate margin -- the prefix sub is tricky. I am not sure whether subdentate is easily differentiated from dentate and entire. A slight variation in either dentate OR entire can give allusion of subdentate.
Key related to differences:
1) in ovary -- I will not be able to understand; it is beyond my scope of knowledge.
2) in fruits -- mammilate versus pitted --
will understand the difference when I see fruits of the two species together.
Even a few months ago i would have easily said that it is G. pentaphylla. But the more i go exploring the plants the more i get confused.
I hope the following table helps you. The key is from An Excursion Flora of Central Tamilnadu, India by K.M.Matthew (1991).

Glycosmis mauritiana

Glycosmis pentaphylla

Leaflet: 10 x 4cm

25 x 7 cm

Lateral nerves: 5-8

to 12

Inflorescence: to 2.5cm

8 cm (dense, elongate)

Coast, Scrub jungles, to 1000m asl

550-900m on slopes, undergrowth