Citrus species- Mishmi Hills, Arunachal Pradesh
Which Citrus species is this ? The flowers were fragrant.
Location - Mishmi Hills, Arunachal Pradesh
Habitat -Wild

I am extremely extremely sorry ....
By mistake i have posted a wrong photo which i thought was of citrus species. I am rectifying my error by posting fresh photos for id again. Sorry for the lapse on my part.
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Thank you Madam for the update. Your Citrus species looks like the one we have here - Citrus maxima (Burm.) Merr. It is a tree, cultivated and sometimes grows on its own when seeds of a ripe fruit are thrown away in a suitable place. The flowers are fragrant and fruits are large. I have two uploads -
Please check probability.
in a nutshell: lime
Thanks ... I had seen a similar species in Kakoijana, Assam -Citrus paradisi which is known as Grape fruit locally. The flowers of C.paradisi were resembling with C.maxima.
If the identity of this species is one of C. maxima and C. paradisii it can be determined by the size of fruit :-
(i) fruit 10 cm or more = C. decumana = C. maxima = C. grandis
(ii) fruit 10 cm or less = C. decumana var. paradisi = C. paradisii = Citrus x aurantium
Alternatively, you may use the KEY in FoP - The problem is descriptions in FoC and FoP differ a bit.
If your species is none of the above two then I have no idea what other Citrus it can be.
Thanks a lot for providing the key.