Citrus pseudolimon

Citrus pseudolimon Tanaka, Bull. Univ. Osaka Prefect., Ser. B., Agric. 9:31. 1959 ;
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Citrus fruit seen growing near a house in Jim Corbett on 23/3/13.
Fruit oblong and much bigger than our common Lime.
Id please.
It looks like galgal.
Common names can be confusing as there are so many dialects spoken in India... In Maharashtra Galgal or Ganer is called for another evergreen tree of Cochlospermum religiosum/C.gossypium..... So Botanical Pundits pl id the scientific name of the Citrus fruit/plant.
Yes that is the irony of common names.
Every one in hilly areas of Punjab, Jammu, Himachal Pradesh and other parts of NW Himalayas is so familiar with citrus fruit GALGAL, oblong yellow fruit extensively used in pickle making. It is botanically Citrus pseudolimon, hill lemon or Kumaon lemon
But not so with our published literature. I have with me Useful Plants of India, published by CSIR in 1986
It has Galgal as Hindi name for Cochlospermum religiosum, as mentioned by ..., also known as kumbi or ganer, and if we go by English names, It is known as Silk Cotton Tree,, a name belonging to Bombax ceiba more commonly.
In UP Galgala is name of a grass Eragrostis pilosa.
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Fruit for Id pl.
Which is this Citrus species ? Looks much bigger than the usual ones.
Location -  Ghatghar, Uttarakhand.
Date - 21.11.2016
Citrus species in eFloraofindia (with details/ keys from published papers/ regional floras/ FRLHT/ FOI/ Biotik/ efloras/ books etc., where ever available on net)
To me, this is still Citrus aurantifolia, because in our country there are some cultivars of it which can be globose or oblong, small or big, green or yellowish at maturity.
Looks like Galgal lemon, Citrus x limon (L.) Burm.f.  (= C.pseudolimon Tanaka). Could you post a close up of the leaf and the CS of fruit?
Posting two more photos for reference. Attachments (2) 
Yes, to me it appears to be a large fruited hill lemon or galgal lemon!
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Here is another Citrus fruit to be uploaded on Flowers of India Website.
Citrus pseudolimon, Hill lemon, Galgal growing in subtropical NW India on foothills of Himalayas, often used Pickled.
Hope to find Flowering branch.

Beautiful, yes. Please, I have a question; my curiosity. I looked at both The Catalogue of Life and The Plant List, no result. I did find it listed here: Citrus limon (L.) Burm.f. syn. C.medica L. var. limon
Any idea why it would not be listed? Thank you.
Earlier it was listed in GRIN. But this link is not opening now.
I tried but could not help more than this.
May be ... can clarify it better.

Here it is …


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