Citrus paradisi ?
Id of a tree bearing flower and fruit : 8 posts by 6 authors. Attachments (2).
Which Is this tree bearing flowers and a fruit ?
Saw it in Kakoijana village near Manas National Park, Guwahati. Date- 03.03.2014

May be some member of Rutaceae.
Citrus sp.?,,,,,,
Grape fruit! Citrus!
The flower and fruit looks like Pomelo (Citrus grandis) to me. However i cannot be sure as i have not seen the flower and fruit of grape fruit(Citrus x paradisi). The shape of the fruit is a dead giveaway. While Pomelo is kind of pear shaped, grapefruit is usually fully round.
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In Pomelo the petals look bit roundish while in grapefruit slightly elongated. Even the fruit doesn't seem to be pear-shaped. It is almost round. I feel it should be paradisi but i would still like to confirm.
It is not Citrus. The leaf-shape does not match. Uploading the few photos from my house.