Citrus longilimon

Citrus longilimon Tanaka;
Assam lemon, Long-fruited lemon, Oblong lemon;

09-11-2008 / 01:22PM: Ailang, Mizoram;  Citron Sp? 020510-PKA1 - efloraofindia | Google Groups

Rutaceae week: Assam lemon ? at Mizoram: Came across this Citron Sp. at Mizoram.
Locals were calling it as "Assam Lemon".
Bot. name: Citrus ..?
Family: Rutaceae
Date/Time: 09-11-2008 / 01:22PM
Location: Ailang, Mizoram
Habitat: Had seen this in Wild as well as Planted near a house.
Plant Habit: Tree almost 3.5 m high
Earlier, in one of the discussion this was identified as Citrus longilimon Tanaka.

If these are the flowers of C. longilimon, these are the non-Indian names for it:
Citrus longilimon Tanaka
CHINESE : 阿萨姆柠檬 A sa mu ning meng.

ENGLISH : Assam lemon, Long-fruited lemon, Oblong lemon.

FRENCH : Citron des Indes à fruit long.

JAPANESE :  アッサムレモン Assamu remon.
VIETNAMESE : Chanh Assam,
Chanh quả dài.

What are the names from India ??

Yes ... and ... This plant has been well discussed on our group after ... uploaded it in 2010:
Here is my note from that:
"... Assam lemon, characterised by its long fruits (distinctinctly longer than broad) have been named as C. limon at many websites, and as C. medica in many websites. It should not look strange firstly because taxonomy of Citrus is very confusing, secondly many authors consider C. limon as var. or subsp. of C. medica, and as such those not going below species level would simply call it C. medica. Plus C. longilimon (character is in the name itself) is comparatively recently established species, not known to me. NMPMD database is generally well researched, and it is from here as well photographs of Assam lemon at various websites that C. longilimon appears to be the most logical name. Plus GRIN also recognises it as distinct species.
C. limon is generally differentiated from C. medica by much thinner and smoother rind. Let us try to find out other differentiating features (in addition to longer fruit) of C. longilimon to arrive at final conclusion."
Before that ... had also uploaded the plant

Rutaceae Week_RVS4_Citrus sp.: I am not confident enough to identify Citrus at specific/varietal level. So I leave the burden to the experts like ..., ... and others.
Citrus (limon? please id) from an orchard in Sirumalai hills, Tamil Nadu.
Fruits ovoid-oblong.
Tamil name: கொடி எலுமிச்சை 'kodi elumichchai' meaning 'climbing lemon'.
I thought Citrus longilimon Tanaka, The Assam lemon
I am convinced, ... Thank you very much.

Rutaceae week: Citrus ... fruit. from Assam: Rutaceae week: Citrus fruit ... from Dibrugarh, Assam
17 Jul 2010
Fruit size -10cms,
Attached images may be Citrus aurantiifolia (Christm.) Swingle. Please confirm the ID.
Date :09.03.2013
Location: Kamrup district, Assam
Family :Rutaceae
Genus & species : Citrus aurantiifolia (Christm.) Swingle (?)
Habitat: Grows wild on open space
Habit : Small tree
Flower : Large, White
I think Citrus longilimon
Pl. go through this thread
2015april_sk33/33 : GANDHORAJ LEBU ? : 6 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (4)
A seller was selling these as GANDHORAJ LEBU in our market. I bought 3 at Rs. 10/-. The fruits are seedless, acidic (not much), smells like usual PATI-LEBU, though a bit stronger. I do not know if this can be gandhoraj lebu. But surely it's a hybrid, being seedless.
product of : a lemon (shape) and lime (not too acidic and thinnish rind) ... and added bonus to them ... seed less...
not gondoraj ...if not really strongly scented
but on krishi vigyan show they had talked of many varieties of lebu a farmer could plant in west bengal
i did not take notes but it can be traced
the speaker was from kalyani univ
i wish they would have websites and all the information written up and handy
like the extension office websites of many aggie colleges and univ in USA
in one many many years ago i had even found varieties of patol one could grow profitably in florida soils and weather for the local indian populations and ..listen to this for export to india... bojo... but for here ...i am hoping.. lets hope
Yes Didi, I think now there is no use of finding species level ID of these lebu(s)!
Citrus longilimon, Assam lemon, with elongated fruit, discussed so many times on our group
ah, so I was on the right track, in a nonbotanist way
I thought it was a lime masquerading as a lemon or vice versa
but the assam lemons i think have seeds if i am not mistaken
..., thank you. I understand that it comes from lemon (limon) group.
BSI key & description of Citrus -, There are a few pics and illustrations in species pages too.
Thanks to Japan for providing open access to the document - "A revision of Assam Citrus".
Where does BSI fit Citrus longelimon Tanaka n. sp.?