×Citrofortunella microcarpa

×Citrofortunella microcarpa (Bunge) Wijnands, Baileya 22:135. 1984 (Syn: (=) ×Citrofortunella mitis (Blanco) J. W. Ingram & H. E. Moore; (=) Citrus madurensis auct.; (=) Citrus microcarpa Bunge; (=) Citrus mitis Blanco); 

Rutaceae Week : Tree for ID : Delhi : 080512 : AK-3: A small cultivated tree, hardly 5 feet in height.
Picture taken on the 11th of Feb,12 in Delhi.
Very few flowers seen, more of tiny Orange like fruits.
Kindly id.
x Citrofortunella microcarpa
Rutaceae Week : Mosambi variegated : Mumbai : 140512 : AK-1:  Seen this Mosambi fruit Bonsai at a Bonsai Show in Maharashtra Nature Park, Mumbai on the 6th of April,12.
Fruit as well as leaves are variegated.
Botanical name please.
did you have pic of the entire plant?
This is Citrofotunella microcarpa cv variegata or variegated calomondin
The leaves and immature fruit will both be variegated, the fruit takes on normal citrus color when larger and ripens.
I would love to see how this developed as a bonsai... and will the maker willing to sell one cutting? 
These are all the pictures I have clicked.
In any case, the plant was not too large...all the Bonsai were kept on tables, and I saw it at eye level.
Most were from personal collections.
I will check from the Dy Director of the park, if he has some more pictures, also if there is a Bonsai Club where we can get in touch.
Some other smaller ones were on sale.
I will keep in mind and if I get further info, will get back to you.
As I have the word "Mosambi" still ringing in my ears your postings remind me that even on this single name we have some work left to do. It is beginning to look like "Mosambi" is used in India as a general name for a number of Citrus fruits, a kind of generic name.
Usha di has correctly identified the fruit; it is a Variegated calamondin.There are several cultivars of this type. They all fall into the cultigroup Variegata. For simplification we will just call it the (Variegata group). So I would say the fruit in the pictures is likely to be: X Citrofortunella microcarpa (Bunge) Wijnands (Variegata Group) 'Tiger'
Please let me know if you know some other variegated cultivars. Calamondins are sometimes confused with round cumquats but have more in common with mandarines. They flower at the same time for instance (in spring) while cumquats flower in early summer (not sure how this works out in India, depends on the climatic region where the plant is grown). Calamondin looks like a miniature mandarin(e) with loose skin when ripe. Perhaps this explains why it is called "Mosambi". I am told that although this fruit does not taste like much, a decent marmalade can be made with it. As the photos demonstrate it is an attractive ornamental plant.
Many thanks for confirming the id and extra information on my post.
Actually I don't know how to address you as.
Don't know of any more variegated cultivars...but if I come across, will definitely share on our group.
On searching the net, Mosambi seems to be Sweet Lime.
These are yellowish in color unlike orange color as in 'Oranges', sweet in taste, used to extract juice. I hope this helps.
Citrus For ID : Jim Corbett,Uttarakhand : 230614 : AK-424 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (4).
Citrus plant seen in the resort where we were staying.
A cultivated plant, around 3 feet in height seen on 21/5/14.
Species id please.
Look like Calamondin [ x Citrofortunella microcarpa (Bunge) Wijnands]- an intergeneric hybrid of  Citrus reticulata and Fortunella japonica, known only in cultivation. 
Thanks to you and ... for the id.
I had posted one from Delhi earlier which was identified as the same.
Could you look into this as well?
Look like Calamondin [ x Citrofortunella microcarpa (Bunge) Wijnands]- an intergeneric hybrid of  Citrus reticulata and Fortunella japonica, known only in cultivation.  
By Dr Nair.
Fruit size when mature ?
I found only the flowers and green fruits during our short stay at Corbett. No idea about the size of the ripe ones. It was a small plant, barely 2-3 feet. Not a tree.