Rubiaceae member- Meghalaya

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Requst help in identifying  a small, very hirsute herb from Meghalaya.
Location: Cherrapunjee area, Meghalaya
Altitude: about 1500m asl
Habitat: in a damp place
Habit: small herb, < 15 cm tall
Leaves: petiolate, opposite decussate. Could not see stipules. Nerves prominent below.

Seems from Rubiaceae, like any Neanotis sp. 

Thanks, ...
Could not find any match as per comparative images at Neanotis
No idea Sir, though it appears to me to be a Rubiaceae member, as … suggested, because of its hairy (fimbriate?) growth at the throat of corolla. An investigation in line of Argostemma or ally may (or may not) yield result.
I checked Argostemma species in efi site as per details herein, but these look a bit different.