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Attaching two collages of a small plant. The plant is having spines. White flowers are fragrant. Fruits are smooth.
Can somebody identify ?

Deccania sp. or
Rubovietnamia sp.

Rubovietnamia nonggangensis F.J.Mou & D.X.Zhang??
Elevation, location and dates of flowering and fruiting??

Is it wild or cultivated?
Looks different from images of Rubovietnamia nonggangensis on net.

It is wild. Can it be Vengueria spinosa as suggested by ...?

Catunaregam spinosa (Thunb.) Tirveng ??
Syn: Xeromphis spinosa (Thunb.) Keay 

Looks different from images at Catunaregam spinosa

May I request you to pl. post detailed images along with showing habit of the plant.

At present there are no flowers. I will send images as desired by you within the availability.