Rubiaceae or Urticaceae member ?- Bangladesh
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Please help me to identify this plant
I think difficult to id with vegetative parts.
Yes, I agree. But except this I have no picture. Leaf of this plant use in the treatment of broken bone.
so what is the ethnobotanical or ayurvedic or herbabal medicine name
or chalti bhasa ka naam?
Locally called "Vutraj
wow . you are from Natorer bonolata sen country? so I take it its from a local dialect?
which dialect would that be?

Does it look like Mitragyna? or any other Rubiaceae.
Yes it looks like Mitrangyna and it may be from Rubiaceae family but I am not sure. 

Can it be some Ficus ?
No sir, it may not be Ficus
I have photograph of this plant. It could be helpful for identification purposes. Today I got it. Please help me.
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More picture
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full plant photos. how tall. was it planted or is it weedy, growing on its own ?
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Thank you, Please pardone me, next time I must follow the format.
These trees are planted by the Kabiris in their homes and used to attach broken bones. It will not be more than 5 or 6 feet high and is kind of a shrub. (full Plants photo is attached)

thanks … what or who are Kabiris and what state are they located. any ethnobotanical study published about them?
Thank you. The kaviraj means local herbal practitioner and this is from Natore, Bangladesh. I have not found any article about them.
thank you but this is a plant described in old travelogues of ships that circumnavigated the world such as The Botany of the Voyage of H.M.S. Sulphur. under Captain Ed. Belcher
as being in tropical America and there is /are ethnobotany mentions in MAYAN and Brazilian ethnobotany … you can find them on the net.
1:  how did it come to NATORE????
2:  that Kabiraj's of bangladesh determine that it is useful in bone healing???
i can not find any ethnobotany research for this plant in bone healing anywhere! or in bangladesh !!
there are a few papers about possibility of cancer therapy.... and those are not very supportable data either. so this is a mystery to me.
will need more research in Bengali kabiraji you have access to them ? if you do please share...

family member,
Myriocarpa sp,
Could be Myriocarpa stipitata,

Thanks, ..., for the family id as Urticaceae.
To me looks different from Myriocarpa stipitata as per specimens at
Is any Myriocarpa listed in Bangladesh ?
Can you check the keys from Flora of Bhutan at Urticaceae and let us know the genus.
So far I know Myriocarpa is not listed in bangladesh

I think keys in flora of Bhutan may help.
Stigma reminds me of Trema orientalis, and Ricinus communis. Something else is also lurking in back of mind ... bigger plants in Euphorbiaceae
Ok, thanks. 
I can see white buds in the picture of the whole plant, on the left side, at the bottom.
Reminds me of Rubiaceae.
..., those, if I am not mistaking, belong to another plant. The leaves look different.
Tried keys in Flora of Bhutan and reached Procris
But could not find a match.