Pavetta species ?- Lonavala, Maharastra

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Please help in identification.
location:aambyvalley rd.,lonavala,pune
plant habit:shrub?
height:may be 5-6 ft.
Pavetta indica?
efi page on Pavetta indica
Biotik has different kind of P. indica L. -
It is not Pavetta indica, In Pavetta the inflorescence is a branched cyme, It may Randia sp
Appears to be Randia sps because of crowded opposite leaves, shrub habit and white flowers in clusters. Randia is common in Western Ghat in wild form and grow healthy where rainfall is more
Looking like Pavetta crassicaulis Bremek.
Though images are not clear to define inflorescence, but flower morphology is much closer to Pavetta where style is simple.
I do not think your species is Pavetta, please check the attached pic I have modified by reducing only white balance. The style length and stigma is quite unlike that of any pavetta. Moreover your 3rd pic showing inflorescence, though not clear, have flowers with much shorter tube. I think your species has has affinity with Webera of Flora of British India. But presently the genus is known as Tarenna which usually have 5-merous flowers.
Many rubiaceae members have been reported and documented in BSI since the days of Fl. Br. Ind., unless I have BSI publication or KEY along with more clear pictures and details I am unable to suggest even the genus.
So what is the final ID.?
Attaching more pics taken a month earlier from same vicinity.hopefully may help in identification.