Pavetta hispidula ?

Pavetta hispidula ?;
Ixora lanceolaria Colebr.SN May 42
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Ixora lanceolaria Colebr (= I. leucantha B. Heyne ex G. Don.) , Rubiaceae from Tidiandmul area of Coorg, Karnataka, I wondered to see long styles of this flowers.
As per WCSP, it a syn. of Ixora malabarica (Dennst.) Mabb., but does not match with the images at Ixora malabarica (Dennst.) Mabb.
This plant looks like a Pavetta species. Normally in Ixora style is not exserted. 
From comparative images at Pavetta, I think it is close to images of Pavetta hispidula Wight & Arn.
Pl. confirm