Oxyceros rugulosus

ok-see-KER-os -- Greek: oxys (sharp), keras (horn); referring to thorny habit ... Dave's Botanary
rug-yoo-LOH-sus -- finely wrinkled ... Dave's Botanary

commonly known as: climbing randiaKannada: ಬಳ್ಳಿ ಕಾರೆ balli kaareMalayalam: വള്ളിക്കാര vallikkaaraMarathi: वेल गेळा vel gelaTamil: கொடிக்காரை kodi karai

In Talbot's Flora he describes Randia rugulosa as a large evergreen unarmed glabrous shrub, and later he says a climber. The ones I have seen tend to have quite large 'trunks' and multiple branches which sprawl over large rocks and on other trees.    


Confirmation need: Oxyceros rugulosus syn. Randia rugulosa
:  I needed confirmation for the identification of the plant in the attached photograph.
I believe it to be Oxyceros rugulosus (syn. Randia rugulosa) from the family Rubiaceae.
The characters of this liana match those of Randia rugulosa described by Cooke.
Photographed at: Matheran
Photographed on: 16 February, 2011

QUERY :: name of Oxyceros rugulosus (Thwaites) Tirveng. in Kannada:
Please help with Kannada name(s) for Oxyceros rugulosus (Thwaites) Tirveng. ... synonyms: Aidia rugulosa (Thwaites) Swamin. • Griffithia rugulosa Thwaites • Randia rugulosa (Thwaites) Hook.f.
Among the people from rural areas of Kumta of Uttara kannada District of Karnataka, this climber is known as baLLi kaare.
Fantastic help ...
QUERY :: name of Oxyceros rugulosus (Thwaites) Tirveng. in Tamil and Malayalam: Please help me with the name(s) of Oxyceros rugulosus in Tamil and Malayalam.
I could not find any Tamil name for this species from online sources, incl. FRLHT's ENVIS database.
If a new name has to be coined, I would suggest கொடிக்காரை 'Kodi karai' as its Tamil name (meaning 'climbing Randia', as also aptly used/coined by FoI).
Many many many thanks, ... very nice naming!
... too has named this plant as वेल गेळा vel gela in his book Further Flowers of Sahyadri -- translates to ... climbing Randia.
Some while ago got the local name in Kumta (Kannada) from ... ಬಳ್ಳಿ ಕಾರೆ balli kaare ... translates to ... climbing Randia.
You are most welcome ...
Its interesting...all these names (in different languages) have the same meaning...and referring to the same species...so no confusion!
[Actually I saw FoI page after finalizing the Tamil name, and read ... mail with Kannada name after sending my mail. Felt happy to see the similarities and convinced myself that I did not make an inappropriate suggestion :) Also delighted to know that ... had similar thoughts.]
Thanks for your efforts in putting all names together...
I treated R.malanarica as Xeromphis following my colleague JK Maheswari and you might know Randia-Stylocoryne etc were in Penins. India with local names given by Lushington and also by Dr Reddy
IFS who wrote For Flo. Andhra state including 2200 species. I gave my copy to Deccan circle now in Attapur.(Mohanram, Rolla, Rajamani and myself inaugurated BSI unit with Sanjappa as DBSI. Dr Rama Rao who worked with Henry in Coimbatore is now at ICFRE, Hyderabd who did ethnobiology.
No harm in giving Tamil name Karai --by you. I will reexamine my new comb in 66 as Fr Mathews still in infancy at Kurseong (all his pls were identifiedby me). People taking names like Arcot etc are still under nawabi culture. Tipu himself respected Buchanan Hamilton and we are not finding a likeness of this great surveyor and best friend of Roxburgh. Benjamin met Nizam and these two and Robert Wight are real explorers of Daksninapatha. I am most fortunate to have lineage from Chalukya-Chola-Pallallava-Chera dynasties -Tanjore-Kanchi as Capitals-1500 yrs ago when Taxonomy has its birth under Dioscoreus. Linne is called Dioscoreus -2.
I sugested your name for summarizing eflora listing in FBI sequence.
Hope you are doing well in Mississippi with new status
Thanks for the response.
Even though the botanical nomenclature of Randia-Benkara-Canthium-Xeromphis-Tamilnadia-etc- group may be confusing and keep changing, all (or many of) these plants are grouped by the local people under the generic name 'Karai' or 'Kaarai' (காரை) in Tamil. Different species have various descriptive prefixes such as 'Nalla karai' (Canthium parviflorum), 'Madhu karai' (Randia dumetorum), 'Perungkarai' (R. uliginosa), 'Maru karai' (R. longispina), 'Manakkarai' (Meyna laxiflora) etc. Dr. Tirvengadum finally brought about clarity in this 'armed' group of rubiaceous plants. He also visited FRLHT for studying herbarium collections of this group.
Panchavarnam sir has taken up an ambitious task of naming plants of Tamil Nadu that do not currently have a Tamil name. I hope he agrees with the suggested Tamil name of Oxyceros rugulosus. A quote from his website "...Tamil name is available only for 1260 plants out of 5676 plants. For remaining plants the process of Tamil naming is going on...".
I agree with your suggestion of listing eFI taxa in FBI sequence. Many of us are in fact more comfortable with B & H system. But the modern treatments follow APG III.
I understand Dr. Karthigeyan did extensive work in compilation of plants of India. But I am not sure if the great work is published (other than the statistical summary included in Fl. India intro. volume) and the complete checklist is available online.
Some days back I got the Malayalam name ... വള്ളിക്കാര vallikkaara ... via comment from ... and ... in facebook. Thanks to them.
Names of Plants in India :: Oxyceros rugulosus (Thwaites) Tirveng.: via Species‎ > ‎O‎ > ‎ Oxyceros rugulosus (Thwaites) Tirveng. ... family: Rubiaceae  (10 images)
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ok-see-KER-os -- Greek: oxys (sharp), keras (horn); referring to thorny habit ... Dave's Botanary
rug-yoo-LOH-sus -- finely wrinkled ... Dave's Botanary
commonly known as: climbing randiaKannada: ಬಳ್ಳಿ ಕಾರೆ balli kaareMalayalam: വള്ളിക്കാര vallikkaaraMarathi: वेल गेळा vel gelaTamil: கொடிக்காரை kodi karai
botanical names: Oxyceros rugulosus (Thwaites) Tirveng. ... synonyms: Aidia rugulosa (Thwaites) Swamin. • Griffithia rugulosa Thwaites • Randia rugulosa (Thwaites) Hook.f. • Randia rugulosa (Thwaites) Bedd. ... The Plant List (2010). Version 1
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Photographed at Matheran on 02 FEB 13
Other views of the same plant on same day: ....

I must say you are tireless
Beautiful set of Photographs n saw d efforts behind compiling d statewise vernacular name of plant !!
Glad to know dat...though states r different..languawages r diff but meaning of climbing randia is same !! :)
Yes, it is very nice to find that the names in different languages are in some agreement, and sometimes as in this case - they all translate to same meaning.

Climber for ID: 27032013 : RV 2 :  3images. 3 posts by 3 authors. Please help to ID this woody climbers, found on 23rd March,13 in Matheran, on the way to one tree hill point.
It looks like Oxyceros rugulosa.
Yeah! me too support it

tree with yellowish flowers, mm4 20 03 2013 :  Attachments (3).  8 posts by 4 authors.
tree with yellowish flowers, mahabaleshwar
small tree about twenty feet
wondering if it can be identified
Randia rugulosa ?
Oxyceros, yes I think so too
The only problem with this tree being Randia rugolosa is that R rugolosa is liana.
I don't know much about this species
so any help is welcome
In Talbot's Flora he describes Randia rugulosa as a large evergreen unarmed glabrous shrub, and later he says a climber. The ones I have seen tend to have quite large 'trunks' and multiple branches which sprawl over large rocks and on other trees. Even in your picture it did not really look like a tree with a single stem. 
Many thanks for all this information and confirming the id

ANFEB06 Oxyceros rugulosus : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (7) 
Family: Rubiaceae
Date: 1st February 2015
Place: Agumbe, Karnataka

Habit: Scandent shrub
Identified by: ...

Kindly examine and identify this plant 

Habit: Herb

Habitat: Wild,Evergreen forest 

Sighting: Near Sakaleshpur,Karnataka,about 1000 msl 

Date: 22-01-2016

... most possibly Oxyceros rugulosus. Let us wait for comments.  

Matches with Oxyceros rugulosus. Thanks again ...