Neurocalyx calycinus

Neurocalyx calycinus (R.Br. ex Benn.) Rob., Proc. Amer. Acad. Arts 45: 402 1910. (Syn: Argostemma calycinum R.Br. ex Benn.; Neurocalyx capitata Benth. ex Hook.f.; Neurocalyx hookerianus Wight; Neurocalyx wightii Arn.);

Large herbs, pubescent. Leaves to 26 x 7 cm, oblanceolate, acute at apex, rusty puberulus; nerves to 18 pairs, prominent below; stipule 2 cm long, obovate, 2-fid at apex. Racemes 10-13 cm long, axillary, rarely branched; bracts lanceolate. Flowers white, pedicelled; calyx tube hemispherical, lobes 5, 8 x 5 mm, ovate; corolla tube absent, lobes 5 x 3 mm, ovate, twisted; stamens 5, anthers connate into a conical tube; ovary 2-celled, ovules many, style slender. Capsule irregularly bursting, 4 x 4 mm; seeds many, pitted.
Flowering and fruiting: May-August
Evergreen forests
South West India
(Attributions-Dr. N Sasidharan (Dr. B P Pal Fellow), Kerala Forest Research Institute, Peechi
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Can this be an Ardisia sp.?
Date: March 2015
Place: Aralam WLS, Kerala
Habit: Shrub
Habitat: Evergreen forest

I am not sure of ID; the pictures are wonderful.
Interesting plant and very nice pictures!
It does look like a Myrsinaceae member.
Thank you sir.
I unfortunately cannot match it to anything in Gamble. May be someone from Kerala can help out with this one.
May be Neurocalyx calycinus (R. Br. ex Bennett) Robins. of Rubiaceae
The specimen is Neurocalyx calycinus (R. Br. ex Bennett) Robins. - Rubiaceae usually found in forest floors of evergreen forests. As our observations go, it is found in undisturbed areas inside evergreen forests, close to or on the rock crevices near streams and streamlets.
Thank you very much ...
Thank you very much too ... The habitat you described perfectly matches the place I found it in- Meenmutti falls in Aralam WLS. They were growing on rocks and also on the soil.