Neanotis indica ?


Diffuse pubescent herbs, rooting at lower nodes. Leaves ovate, acute or shortly acuminate, base obtuse or acute, strigose on both sides, to 4 x 2.5 cm; stipules villous, lobes subulate. Flowers in terminal and axillary tomentose cymes. Calyx lobes ovate-lanceolate. Corolla pale pink, tomentose, funnel shaped, 3 mm long. Stigma 2-lobed.
Flowering and fruiting: November-December
Evergreen and shola forests
Western Ghats (Endemic)
Requesting to please ID this plant growing wild among the grasses in a meadow in Ooty, Tamil Nadu in November 2013.
I think Neonatis sp. of Rubiaceae.
Neanotis species so far in efi.
Probably Neanotis indica (DC.) Lewis [syn.: Anotis leschenaultiana Hook.f.] found in grassland meadows in Nilgiri and Pulney hills.
Gamble reports that this species has a very unpleasant smell. Is it so ?
Thank you ... for the possible ID and ... for the follow up...
Unfortunately, I did not attempt to smell the flowers... 
..., yes indeed the roots smells foetid, a common herb in the high altitudes of Tamilnadu.
Looks different from Neanotis indica (DC.) W.H.Lewis as per Plant illustrations  GBIF (High resolution specimen) 

From the photo difficult to differentiate Hedyotis, Neanotis. As per efChina the difference is in smell and seeds. … may be able to help he has a picture of Neanotis from Ooty.
This is probably a species of Lindernia or Torenia, belonging to Scrophulariaceae. I could not identify the species. 

Does not look like Lingernia or Torenia !
Agree with ...  Both Lindernia and Torenia have distinctly asymmetric flowers with bulbous Corolla tube.  These flowers are not so, have longer acute petal limbs and typical of Spermacoce group of Rubiaceae.
Perhaps … is referring to a different image ?