Mycetia malayana

Mycetia malayana (G.Don) Craib, Bull. Misc. Inform. Kew 1914: 29 1914. (syn: Adenosacme malayana Wall. ex G.Don; Wendlandia malayana G.Don);

Peninsula Thailand to Malaya, Borneo (Sarawak) as per POWO;
Habit: Tree
Habitat: Hill forest along the stream

Location: Chittagong Hill Tract
Flowering : May

Mycetia malayana (G.Don) Craib??

Thanks, ..., for the suggestion as Mycetia malayana (G.Don) Craib??. But it does not occur in our area.
All the species found in Indian subcontinent are listed at Mycetia with distribution.
On checking all the species likely to occur in Bangladesh, the following species do not match as per GBIF speciemens:
I think it matches with Mycetia stipulata Kuntze as per GBIF specimens: