Mussaenda species
White Mussaenda with Orange flowers: White Mussaenda with Orange flowers
The Orange petals of this plant is narrower when compared  with that of  Mussaenda phillipica.
Date/Time : 20 Jul 2010, 10.44AM
Location- Place, altitude and GPS: Miao, Arunachal pradesh
Habitat- garden/ urban/wild/type: Wild, forest path,  
Plant Habit-tree/shrub/climber/herb:  Shrub,  
Height/length: Plant height -2-3 feet
Leaves-type/shape/size: /Green leaves - 15-20 cms/Acuminate/ Opposite ?
Orange flower, size -Approx. 1.5cms , green buds
I think Mussaenda roxburghii Hook. f.

Mussanda philippica is a very common introduced species to India. The plant in the picture doesnt looks like M. philippica as the petals are narrow and pointed, whereas, in M.philippica, the petals are shorter but broader and the bract has many color variations. It neither looks like M.roxburghii as it doesnt have the persistent calyx (the key character of M. roxburghii).
I will certainly look in to this later and try id the same. if ... can send us a picture of flower in which the calyx is highlighted or clearly visible that would of great help to id it correctly. Please add a picture with leaf too as it is an inevitable part that carry lots of key characters.
Mussaenda for sure, if it was ornamental I would have thought it to be Mussaenda luteola or it may be an escape too.
amit ornamental uid 2 2852011: Is it some Begonia sp ?

This is Rubiaceae, Musssaenda!! erythrophylla may be.

Or perhaps Mussaenda philippica 'Queen Sirikit' I had uploaded from Delhi.
Begonia plants are delicate herbaceous plants.

Seems not to be  begonia...that's for sure.....  we see these in Calcutta lot... giving color to gardens when there is none... may be mussandra...   not sure of the botnaical binomial name though...
I think species of Mussaenda have large showy petaloid sepals but in my plant the sepals are greenish and there are pink coloured petals

Mussaenda allright. There are so many kinds.
It is 100% Mussaenda species.  This variety is common in Mysore too. This could be Musssaenda!! erythrophylla  as suggested by .. or  Mussaenda philippica 'Queen Sirikit' as suggested by ... Please check the details for further confirmation.
Mussaenda Flower:  Captured in my native (Malnad) last month.

It may be Mussaenda philippica
pls share a photo with leaves also for proper id

Unfortunately i donot have a pic with leaves. I use 85mm macro lens..
sometimes it is difficult for me to capture both Flower and Leaves in focus as i try to emphasize the flower most of the times. This was captured in my native. I will capture one with leaves next time when i visit and share.
I could not see the whole plant could get picture of the flower only
Date/Time-Sep 2011
Location- Place, Altitude, GPS-Pune
Habitat- Garden/ Urban/ Wild/ Type-Private garden
Plant Habit- Tree/ Shrub/ Climber/ Herb- Shrub
Height/Length- 4 ft
Leaves Type/ Shape/ Size- could see only the pink leaves
Flowers Size/ Colour/ Calyx/ Bracts- white and pink
Fruits Type/ Shape/ Size Seeds- not seen 

Mussaenda Dona Evangelina
Mussaenda from Malnad:
Would you please also share the habit image of the same? Or the name and details of this plant?
Help needed with Identification:  I'm looking for the names of the flowers that I've attached the pictures of. These are growing in my farmhouse in Hyderabad.
mussaenda Sikkim: mussaenda seen in Sikkim. A small under herb or a small shrub
Species name, some of you may know. Please post.
mussaenda luteola

Check Mussaenda treutleri Stapf which is common. There are one or two more species listed in Plant genetic resources of Sikkim by Raju et sanjappa Bull.Bot Surv.Ind 1994 accessible on Net
Could be Mussaenda roxburghii, not sure though.
Please check if Mussaenda erosa is found in Sikkim?
flower for I.D.:  This photo was taken in Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra on 25th of July,2012. Some of the leaves seemed to be white in colour. I need help in identifying the species.
Some Mussaenda species....but please reduce the size of attachment.
the white leaves you are referring to should be bracts. For identification you could send more picts with bracts intact and also picts of plant showing the inflorescence (group of flowers) and entire plant as well.
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id please 
I don't really think Mussaenda can be classified based on out of focus  pictures of leaves ( and that too without measurements etc, surface pictures) and NO PICTURES OF THE so called flowers and the decorative "leaf guards".
I searched for a while there is no key to classify Mussaenda with pictures of fruits only.... though some of the fruits like in m. frondosa are small and uniquely shaped.
so lets wait till it flowers for classification???
only possibility i found was nowhere the flower is sessile....
in m. densiflora ...
but have not found any open access scientific paper that describes its fruit. The fruits in this case as shown seem to be sessile, or almost so.