Lasianthus species ?
Unknown shrub.:   Please can you identify this large rather straggly shrub.
It was found along the road to Tiger Hill near Darjeeling.
It could be Trema sp, Most probably T tomentosa
Yes I too had a wild guess that this could be species of Trema.
With Raju ji's lead and with the help of the following link, I think ... is correct in saying this could be Trema tomentosa of Cannabaceae family.
Thank you ... and ... for you suggestion.
However, mystery shrub has opposite leaves.. while Trema tomentosa has alternate leaves.
Yes I didn't notice that and not only that, I think, I didn't examine the close up of flower picture carefully.
I really appreciate your effort in cross checking based on the suggestions.
Now, I have a second thought based on the flower/inflorescence close up pictures that, could this be a plant belong to the family Rubiaceae?
Opposite leaves, interpetiolar stipules, pentamerous flower, epipetalous stamens exerted stigma which is capitate, all forced me to think of a Rubiacean element in it.
This was such a common shrub along the tourist road to watch sunrise from Tiger Hill. I was so sure it would be a really easy one for local people to id.
It may be a Lasianthus species, not sure but.
Thank you ... for that suggestion.
I have had a look on www but am unable to find any Lasianthus with the small leaflet on the top, between the pairs of leaves.
I wish I could have been there at a different season to see what colour the berries were.
I too think that this is Lasianthus andmost probably this could be Lasianthus micranthus of Rubiaceae family.
Thank you ... for the suggestion of Lasianthus micranthus.
Reading about it, it does seem to be very variable.
I am not clever enough to understand the technical terminology... so am not sure if this is my shrub or not. I do much better with visual aids and photos!
I have searched on www and found a herbarium specimen from Kew.
I cannot see the small semi circular leaflet that was grows on the stem between the pairs of leaves, or the pair of stipules that show on my images.
Pl also check these Kew holdings. They seem to have similar features to that of our plant (are we checking in right genus?). Let's wait for more comments from members.
Dear ..., isn't style 3-5 branched for Lasianthus?
Agreed, ... Thank you.
The search is still on... Can it be a Canthium sp? I have no idea :(
FOC says linear stigma lobes 3-9.