Spiraea vaccinifolia

Spiraea vaccinifolia D.Don, Prodromus florae nepalensis; 1825 227 1825. (syn: Spiraea adiantifolia Hort. ex W. H. Baxter; Spiraea laxiflora Lindl.; Spiraea rhamnifolia Wall.; Spiraea vacciniifolia Lindl. [Spelling variant]; Spiraea venustula Kunth & Bouch‚);

Pakistan (Swat, Hazara, Murree), Jammu & Kashmir (Poonch, Kashmir), NW-India, Nepal as per Catalogue of Life (Spiraea vacciniifolia D. Don);

Common name: Blueberry-Leaved Spirea

Spiraea vacciniifolia.
Which elevation was it ? I guess not description on it about leaf pattern.  

Sir, where was it clicked?
He has mentioned it from Himachal in the subject.
I wanted to know precise location. It is rare in occurrence, that's why wanted to see it personally.