Sorbus species

VOF Week 310812_DS_05: Can the tree be identified from this single picture. In the main valley.
Probable IDs from ... at
Sorbus aucuparia (inflorescence branches and leaves beneath glabrous) or S. foliolosa (infl and leaves below red tomentose).

Vof Week: 13092012 BS-4 Large fruit tree for id:
Pls id this large size fruit tree
Fruit edible i think
Looks interesting. Size of fruit please??
About 3-3.5 cm
Thanks for posting ... I am also eager to know the id....I suspect this to be an edible fruit..
I had two in mind, Pyrus pashia and Cydonia oblong, but the leaves don't match either.
Sir this is not Pyrus pashia I am sure, and even the fruits do not agree with Cydonia oblonga due to smaller size, lets wait first both me and ... mistook this to be a Ficus, but only after dissecting the fruit we changed our view....
I think ... have resolved its identity, this is Sorbus cuspidata...
I think before we conclude we have to exclude the possibility of Sorbus lanata. When ... first uploaded this plant he wrote fruit size as 3-3.5 cm on my asking. S. cuspidata has fruit not larger than 2 cm, where as in S. lanata it can be up to 4 cm. More over mature fruit in S. cuspidata is dark red, Could not find information about S. lanata
This is locally called 'Napal, a wild form of apple. Scientific name is Sorbus cuspidata. Another similar plant is Sorbus lanata. Earlier, these were named under Pyrus