Sanguisorba minor

Sanguisorba minor Scop., Fl. Carniol. (ed. 2) 1: 110 110 1771. (Syn: Poterium sanguisorba L.);

Images by Gurcharan Singh (Id assistance by Dr. Bruno (Vienna) and Dr. Malecot) (Inserted by J.M.Garg) (For more images & complete details, click on the links)


Sanguisorba minor Scop.,  Fl. carniol. ed. 2, 1:110. 1771 
Syn: Poterium sanguisorba L.
Common names: Salad Burnet, small burnet
Perennial herb up to 60 cm tall with fusiform cylindrical root, ascending to suberect, mostly glabrous, slightly hairy towards base; basal leaves imparipinnate, 6-15 cm long; leaflets 4-12 pairs, 4-20 mm long, alternate or subopposite, elliptic to orbicular, deeply toothed; upper leaves gradually reduced in size; flowers green or tinged purple, in globose heads on long peduncles; lower flowers in head male with nearly 20 stamens, middle flowers bisexual, upper female; sepals usually 4 or more, imbricate; petals absent; carpels 2; fruit an achene included in hardened 4-ridged hypanthium with muricate surfaces.
Growing on open dry grassy slopes above Cheshma Shahi in Srinagar, Kashmir. Photographed in May.

This elusive herb I photographed from open hillside above Cheshma Shahi in Kashmir in May. The plant barely up to 80 cm tall had alternate pinnate compound leaves up to 12 cm long, with deeply toothed leaflets, 9-13 in number, with two stipules at base, toothed like leaflets. Flowers unisexual, on long peduncles, forming separate globose heads; male flowers with four broadly ovate to nearly orbicular perianth 3-5 mm long, greenish white with membranous margin, stamens numerous hanging; female flowers with seemingly 4 perianth, appearing three in some, green with membranous margin, persistent; fruits of apparantly four nutlets, fused along raised margin.
I am not able to even identify the family, which initially I thought to be Urticaceae, but four nutlets are confusing me. Could you kindly provide a clue.
Dr. Bruno (Vienna) and Dr. Malecot for Group TAXACOM helped me in identification of this herb as Sanguisorba minor (syn: Poterium sanguisorba L.), a plant distributed in Persia, Waziristan in Pak, Europe but I suppose not reported from India. The leaves of Garden burnet or salad burnet are often used for culinary purposes.
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Enclosing some pictures for identification.
Location : Nubra Valley
Altitude : 3048 m
Date: 24 August 2014
Looks like Sanguisorba minor
If so it is interesting, it was not growing in Kashmir or even Ladakh when I explored there between 1969 to 1975 but last time in in 2012, i found it growing profusely on mountain slopes above Cheshma Shahi in Srinagar.
In fact it was first reported from Indian only in 2012