Rubus species

in the forest at Morni hills - Aug'09?;
Plant for Id 271009Ch2 - indiantreepix | Google Groups
Rosaceae week: latecomers: Brombeeren-(Rubus sectio Rubus) from my garden in Ritterhude: I know the Rosaceae week is over.
Sorry, I had very little time to send my fotos. Before the next epsode starts I am trying to find some time to post my fotos.
The fotos are taken during the last few years. 

It is mouth-watering fruit. 
Looks similar to Rubus armeniacus very commonly grown (and run wild) in California under the name Himalayan Blackberry earlier misidentified as R. discolor or R. procerus. Any idea ABOUT ITS NAME. 
Yes Brombeeren are really delicious, but they have thonrs. I remember my childhood days when we used to go to Lonavala.
Plucking "Karavanda" करवंद was similar to plucking Brombeeren.
Prickly like Rosa:  A shrub 2.5 m tall, prickly like Rosa. West slope of Mt Slamet Central Java, the dry area. Could you ID this please. Thank you.
I have found the answer. It is Rubus lineatus - Reinw. ex Blume.
Please validate. 
Rubus for sure
tell me though how did you get the id??
did it fruit and develop the tell tale red berries???
I 've got some other images with the yellow berries. Then I checked it in a book "Mountain Plants of Java?" (I forgot the tittle). And that's it.
Please see if this Rubus splendidissimus Hara
Plant for ID from Paddar valley JK: 251111 SRANA 03: Request for Identification:
Date: 7th August 2011
Location: Paddar valley district Kishtwar J&K.
Altitude: 3212 meters asl
Plant habit/habitat: Wild shrub with spiny stem.
Plant height: 1-2 meters
Probably some berry from Rosaceae
Can it be Filipendula sp.
I would suggest Rubus sp.
But without any pics of the flowers or berries I fear it is impossible to id any further.
please no doubt about Rubus.