Rosaceae member- Mizoram
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M-007. Date : 21-01-2012. Habitat : Wild. Habit : Tree. Altitude : ca. 1,300 m.
Some Rosaceae member.. probably a Cotoneaster...
Cotoneaster species so far in efi. 
Jeanette Fryer has confirmed that this is NOT a Cotoneaster.
Stranvaesia nussia (D. Don) Decne ??
Images not sufficient.

Pl. show us full leaf to confirm Stranvaesia nussia or otherwise.
Sir, I am attaching herewith another same plants for necessary action.
3 images- 3 to 6 mb each

I too think it is from Rosaceae..
I think looks different from Stranvaesia nussia

Rosaceae.. probably agree about Stranvesia. But haven't come across this spp yet. 
Photinia integrifolia ??
Not Stranvaesia nussia (D. Don) Decne, I guess! 

Cotoneaster bacillaris Wall. ??

I guess different from P. integrifolia!

Looks different from Cotoneaster bacillaris