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QUERY ON 'CONJOINED' ROSES : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (2)
Could the members of this esteemed group assist in profiling this seemingly `conjoined' rose, that has been photographed in a garden near Chandigarh in March-end?
1. What would the correct name or description for such `conjoined' or `Siamese twin' roses?
2. By what botanical process do such roses arise? Are these rare in gardens?
3. Any other unique information/perspectives on such roses?
Double flowered flowers are nothing new
old botanical teratology writings mention them
eve pliny the elder wrote of it i think
look up wikipidia article 

going for terms like what you are mentioning is though creative
sounds absurd

its just extra petals or stamens turning to petals etc etc

terms to search for are:
 teratology in botany
double roses

I did "double roses"... it was that easy on google and got: About 10,10,000 results in (0.36 seconds)

there are some books from 17 and 18th century that big institutions around delhi may have in their libraries
Thanks very much for the guidance, ...