Rosa hybrids


Rose plant for id 050211MK1:  Please help to id this rose shrub planted at a private garden at Ooty. Is
this a hybrid of common garden rose?
Date: 24 Jan 201, Nilgiris

- There are hundreds of varieties of roses in Ooty.  Better to contact the Horticulture department (Supdt.) for  proper identification of the variety and species.

Rose for ID-011011:  I am sending a photo of Rose.  This was grown from a cutting given by a
friend and has some fragrance.
Kindly tell me the cultivar name please.
Place : Dombivli
Date  : 01.10.11
Height : 2 ft.
Others : Fragrant

Rosaceae Week : Double delight rose:  Sending a photo of Rose.
Place : Dombivli
Date   : July 2010
Cultivar name : Double Delight

Rosaceae week : Rose from Byculla-031011: Sending a photo of rose taken from a plants exhibition
Place : Byculla, Mumbai
Date  :  February 2010

Rosaceae Week :: GARDEN ROSE ... various places:  ... rose is a rose is a rose. *

Apologies for hurling so many roses on you.
But had to do this, because this is all that is there in my collection of Rosaceae !!

[image: Rose]<>

   - ... cultivars and hybrids of garden rose

[image: ... rose]<>
[image:    Rose]<>
[image:   Rose]<>
[image:    White Rose]<>
[image:    Roses]<>
[image:    Rose]<>
[image:    Roses]<>
[image:    Rose]<>
[image:    Rose]<>
[image:    Rose]<>
[image:    Rose]<>
[image:    ... rose]<>
[image:    Roses]<>
[image:    Roses]<>
[image:    Roses]<>

Rosaceae Week- Rose from Kashmir- 031011: Sending a photo of rose taken from Kashmir.
Place : Mughal Gardens, Sreenagar, Kashmir
Date  :  June 2009 

Rosaceae Week : Rose from Pahalgam, Kashmir : 041011 : AK-1: Taken on the 7th of Sept, 2011 at Pahalgam, Kashmir.
Pine tree in the background as the rose was growing under it.
Rosaceae Week:Rose - A gift on all occasions (04/10/2011 NSJ): on the occasion of Rosaceae week I take this opportunity to add some more information about roses and their about their colours.

Roses are the traditional gift given on Valentines Day, but they're well-received any time of year. The color and type of rose does carry a meaning. Be aware of what you’re giving: the color of a rose can have a very
different meaning from what you intend. If you’re giving roses as a gift, follow this guide to make sure you send the message you want to send: Pl see the attachment.

Also two photos of rose from Chandigarh rose garden are attached. The first one is Rose Iceberg and other one Rose Tequila Sunrise.

Rosaceae Week : Rose from Srinagar, Kashmir : 041011 : AK-2: Taken at the resort where we were staying in Srinagar, Kashmir on the 11th of Sept,11...after rains. 

With dew drops Sooooo beautiful 

Rosaceae week : Rose from Kashmir-031011: Sending a photo of rose taken from Kashmir.
Place : Mughal Gardens, Sreenagar, Kashmir
Date  :  June 2009

Tea Rose, I hope 

Rosaceae Week: Flower Opulence - Rose from Murnaad 04OctAR01:  A rose by any other name would look as beautiful!.  
Murnaad , Coorg
1 Sep 2009, monsoon
Garden flower
Rosaceae Week: Rosa 'Hybrid tea' from Delhi:  Rosa 'Hybrid tea'

A popular group of hybrid roses, flowering for a long duration. The stems are hardy, leabes rigid and glossy above, usually with 5-7 leaflets, green or flushed with red; flowers double with compactly arranged thick petals.

Photographed in February from Delhi University Flower Show.,Chettiar%20Park,Kodaikanal-DSCN6788.JPG?part=0.1&view=1&vt=ANaJVrE7sioSyQveKWvQq8dDi2NseaiWVEfTLAAUwwid6HyXVhouACGq5qwKXCue75NfsNrJYu4z1_npOONR1MhnsR7T5ixtr_U9TueeB8mTq-Yl8ZBVL_o

osaceae Week : Roses from Kodaikanal : 071011 : AK-1: Roses from Chettiar Park, Kodaikanal taken on the 24th of Oct, 2008.
Rosaceae Week : Miniature Rose : 081011 : AK-1: A very tiny Rose....the smallest Rose I have photographed till now.
Taken at Nasik, Maharashtra on the 15th of April, 2010.

Rosaceae Week : Rose from Kashmir-MN-81011:   Sending photo of Roses.
Date : June 2009
Place : Srinagar, Kashmir.

Rosaceae Week : Rose from Kashmir-MN-81011-2: Sending photo of Roses.
Date : June 2009
Place : Srinagar, Kashmir.

"Rosaceae Week: 08102011MR2 Rose from Pune private garden": Sharing picture of a Rose from a private garden at Pune
Rosaceae Week : Roses from Kashmir-MN-81011-2: Sending photo of roses from Kashmir.
Place : Chasme Shahi and Mughal gardens, Srinagar
Date   : June 2009

Nice collage
The variety appears to be 'Green Ice'.

Rosaceae Week: Rosa 'Polyantha' from DelhiRosa 'Polyantha'

Another group of short roses developed as cross between multiflora roses and hybrid tea roses; the cultivars produce profusion of smaller sized flowers in clusters on slender stems.

Photographed from Delhi University Flower show in February.,Nasik-P1020924.JPG?part=0.1&view=1&vt=ANaJVrEWap5t9raSfNpKoKpWq0PWoIYFkNkP72c06PX8I34EUY_AMQpkB8NTG9iP5tCQzcfIo7s5m77UabOj0Fo9jFx3pdtWPC-ECVNBObr1IC2Tmp-7HHA
Roses for ID : 170711 : AK-1: Taken on the 17th of July, 2007 at Sula Vineyards, Nasik. Plant was very low in height spreading around...full of flowers

7 leaflets...
dog rose?

Seems to be Polyantha Rose.,Kashmir-DSC_0197.JPG?part=0.1&view=1&vt=ANaJVrFHCnJb4guyyylgikT1XLZ6n6phYaju3KyF8HiKKGp2iRjeNJr79FTR-hsfHLSVubu5h87QRNwWCMAH068py4xriwb6uleaVaQszfWkGQoofYMtLRY
My Flora Picture of the Year 2011- Aarti Khale: My Flora Picture of the Year is this Rose I photographed at Srinagar during family visit in September, 2011.
It was the day before our departure from Srinagar.
There were heavy showers in the morning.
But when it stopped raining and we came out of the hotel for our day's sight seeing, I found this in the hotel garden.
Captured on my new camera Nikon D 90.
Beautiful ..., the rain droplets have enhanced the beauty of the rose. Nice
Double Delight Rose-MN210112:  Sending a photo of Double Delight rose from a Rose Exhibition.
Place : Dombivli
Date : 15.01.2012
Habitat : Cultivated
Others : One of the most popular fragrant roses in the world

Flora of Madhya Pradesh: Beautiful Roses for all winners of this month from MP: Lovely Roses to ... for their great efforts in service of efloraofindia.

Flora of Himachal Pradesh: Rosa hybrid from Institute of Advanced Studies Shimla :  Attachments (6). 3 posts by 2 authors.
Rosa hybrid from Institute of Advanced Studies Shimla
Rose For ID : Lalbagh,Bangalore : 290114 : AK-33 : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (1).   
At the Lalbagh Nursery, found this unusual colored Rose.
Cultivated, potted plant.
Picture taken on 24/11/13.
Request for explanation of unusual rose : Attachments (1).  4 posts by 2 authors.
This rose bloomed at a friend's house a few days ago in Noida, near Delhi. It looks very different and unusual. To me, it looks like a botanical aberration which has caused the sepals to burst forth in the centre of the flower. Is that so?
Would appreciate your explanation.

Attaching translated version of a song by Tagore, in which GOLAP has been mentioned.

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