Pyrus species- Sattal, Uttarakhand

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A large tree near Sattal.
Pyrus communis suggested by ....
Difference between Pyrus communis and Pyrus pashia given by ...
I could locate a few more pictures.

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A huge tree seen near the lake at Sattal.
Flowering season was almost over and I could only get a small bunch of white flowers.
Kindly id.
Perhaps Pyrus communis
I imagine how to differentiate between Pyrus pashia and Pyrus communis ?
In P. pashia fruits are smaller, globular, unpalatable and with white dots. It is a naturally occurring species with relatively smaller trees. P.communis has larger, smooth and globular or pyriform fruits; a cultivated species here. Leaves in P.pashia are ovate lanceolate whereas in P.communis they are elliptic.
Having said these difference, it is difficult to differentiate these two in flowering stage when leaves are very young or yet to develop.
Despite of similarities and differences P.pashia (Mehal) is extensively used as a root stock for grafting scions of P.communis. Thus developing a horticultural chimera; root of one species stem, lvs and fruits of another!
Thanks for the information. Yeah I was also talking about flowers :)
Thanks for the information to differentiate between the two species.
This particular tree was a huge one.
I feel that Pyrus communis flower look different than the flowers in these pictures.