Pyrus pyrifolia

Pyrus pyrifolia (Burm. f.) Nakai,  Bot. Mag. (Tokyo) 40(479): 564 564 1926. (Syn: Ficus pyrifolia Burm.f. (unresolved); Pyrus serotina Rehder);

Rosaceae Week : Roasaceae plant for id-08102011-BS-3: Pls id this tree of Rosaceae family
flowers not seen, this tree was shot in Garden of NBPGR Shimla 

Can it be any Malus sp.? I had tasted this, was quite sour and acrid and not
I hope Pyrus pyrifolia, Asian pear or sand pear
a very good source of soluble and insoluble fibre...
and that sandy-ness is what gives it a texture.. crunchy-ness missing in other pears...
.. cultivate a taste for this, buy, let it sit on kitchen counter for few days, when just soft wash well and bite in... your body will tell you: thanks...   and then you can thank me, Ha ha :) :)
lowers cholesterol because of soluble fibre... if taken regularly....

Thanks .... for recipe, I will try to find out if it is available somewhere in the market, as I am sure it is never sold here in Punjab and Haryana

Pyrus pyrifolia 'Hosui'
Relatively new pear cultivar skin turning a lovely bronze-golden-rusted color when ripe and ready to pick. The ripe skin also looks almost translucent.  The fruit is medium to large in size compared to other Asian pears and almost globose in shape.
Photographed from California