Prunus species- Upper Siang district, Arunachal Pradesh

Rosaceae week_Prunus cerasoides (?)_RKC02_03102011:  Looks like Prunus cerasoides to me.
Pl validate the ID.
Loc.: Upper Siang district (ca 550msl), Arunachal Pradesh
Date: March, 2008.
Yes ... Our delicious cherries.  

Looks different from other images at Prunus cerasoides

Pl. check Prunus cerasus L. 

This is not Prunus. It is some Pyrus sp.

Attaching my Blog article on Prunus cerasoudes.

Thanks, ..., Wonderfully documented. 
Pl. also check Prunus cerasus L. for ... posted images. 

Multiple stigmas are visible in one of the flowers. Leaf shape and texture is another hint. So, I thought of Pyrus sp.

Another hint is bark texture. It is somewhat smooth and splitting horizontally in Prunus species.

that bark splitting is a very good point