Potentilla species- Himachal (Alpine)


Potentilla peduncularis. From alpine meadows.
This does NOT match Potentilla peduncularis - a species not recorded from H.P. but not found further West than Nepal.
There are quite a lot of Potentillas in H.P., some of which I am not familiar with yet.  I shall take another look at this when time permits - though have a pretty good idea what it probably is.
You will agree that this does not look at all like the other Potentilla from Ladakh which has been posted under the same name.

Thanks for pointing out the mis-identification by me. It sure is not Potentilla peduncularis. Another case of casual matching of images with something similar looking and arriving at identification! I'll try to be more careful in future. Kindly, help in identification of the species.