Potentilla species- On way to Churdhar, Himachal Pradesh


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Potentilla polyphylla for you.
Loc.: On way to Churdhar, Himachal Pradesh (ca 1500m)
Date: 10th August, 2010.

I have been looking at images of a Potentilla posted from Nepal which I think may prove to be P.lineata (syn. P.fulgens). Checking
differences between this and P.polyphylla, I note that P.polyphylla is given a distribution of Kumaon to Bhutan not H.P.  Also, in Nepal its
altitudinal range is 2700-4600m, so to find it 1100m lower than previously recorded and in HP, would be a surprise. I therefore must cast doubt on the identification here. Will look again another time.
Further to my recent post, I have just checked with 'Flora Simlensis' (which includes Churdhar).  This has 10 species of Potentilla but not P.polyphylla.