Potentilla species- California


Small Plant For ID : California : 24SEP15 : AK-11 : 11/51 : 5 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (2)
A small plant seen in Fremont, with a tiny yellow flower having four petals.
Probably from Rosaceae family.
Picture taken on 8th Oct,14.
Not sure whether cultivated or growing wild.
Please look at Potentilla and its hybrids.
Possibly the hybrid Potentilla x mixta Nolte ex Rchb. (P. anglica × P. reptans) which has sterile seeds but spreads easily by runners so may be found away from the parent plants.
If it is the hybrid P. × suberecta Zimmeter  it can be found near the parent plants P. erecta and P. anglica.