Potentilla pamirica

Potentilla pamirica Th.Wolf, Trudy Imp. Bot. Sada Petra Velikago 31: 489 (1915);

Tajikistan (Pamir Alai), S.W.Mongolia, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Kashmir and China (Zizang and Kunlun Shan) as per Flora of Pakistan;

Common name: Pamir Cinquefoil

Photo taken at Khardungla village (~ 16000 feet) in June 2011
botanical ID yet to be confirmed

The closest I can think is Potentilla peduncularis
Yes Sir looks like Potentilla peduncularis
This does NOT match Potentilla peduncularis - a species not only not recorded from Ladakh but not found further West than Nepal!
There are quite a lot of Potentillas in Ladakh, some of which I am not familiar with yet.  I shall take another look at this when time
Do not currently have time to look closely into the 33 + species of Potentilla currently recorded for Ladakh.
I only listed 14 species in my informal check-list for Ladakh in the 1980s!
Requires not just days probably WEEKS of sustained effort to understand the genus better in Ladakh - let alone the Himalaya as a whole..... 
Potentilla pamirica Th.Wolf ??
Thanks, ..., for the id.
Yes, appears close as per FOI an GBIF specimens: