Potentilla multifida aggregate

Potentilla multifida L. aggregate;

France, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, Azerbaijan, Gruziya, E-European Russia, Latvia (introduced), Siberia (W-Siberia, C-Siberia), Russian Far East, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, Iran (EC-Iran), Afghanistan (Badakshan, Wakhan, Baghlan, Bamyan, Ghazni, Ghorat, Kabul, Kunar / Nuristan, Logar, Wardak, Parwan, Takhar), Jammu & Kashmir (Ladakh, Rupshu, Leh, Zanskar, Kashmir), N-India, Pakistan (Kurram, Chitral), Pakistani Kashmir (Deosai, Gilgit, Astor), China (Gansu, Hebei, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Nei Mongol, Qinghai, Shaanxi, Sichuan, Yunnan), Tibet, North Korea, Mongolia as per Catalogue of Life;

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Potentilla sp ?, prostrate herb near the Leh - Keylong Highway

Potentilla anserina 

Potentilla multifida var. multifida ??

This is Potentilla multifida agg. There are many species included in the aggregate - all practically indistinguishable for a non-specialist.

ID help for unknown Potentilla : 5 posts by 3 authors. 1 correct image as above.
Location : Zara Valley, Ladakh
Elevation : 5000m.
Date : 3 August 2020
Habit : Dry rock slope
I think these are the same species but may not be!!!

Image 2 looks like Potentilla pamirica Th.Wolf!
Image 1 Potentilla multifida L. ??

May I request you to pl. post high resolution images for proper id.

Potentillas are tricky even when you have a herbary specimen, not speaking about low resolution images. I agree that the first image could be placed with some certainty in Potentilla multifida agg. The second I don't dare guess, but I am sure it is not Potentilla pamirica as was suggested. It´s all a job for experts.