Geum elatum var. humile

Geum elatum var. humile (Royle) Hook. fil. (syn: Acomastylis elata var. humilis (Royle) F. Bolle; Acomastylis humilis (Royle) Rydb.; Geum adnatum Wall.; Potentilla adnata Wall. ex Lehm.; Sieversia elata var. humile Royle) as per Catalogue of Life;    
China (Qinghai, Yunnan), Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal, Sikkim, N-India as per Catalogue of Life
Acomastylis elata from Kashmir: Acomstylis elata (Wall. ex G. Don) F. Bolle, Repert. Spec. Nov. Regni Veg.
Beih. 72: 83 83 1933
Syn: Geum elatum Wall. ex G. Don; Sieversia elata (Wall. ex G. Don) Royle
Perennial herb with up to 30 cm long basal leaves, deeply pinnatisect with closely set leaflets, upper few smaller; flowering stem with few small leaves, with 1-6 flowers; flowers yellow, 2-4 cm across; calyx-lobes deltoid-ovate; petals orbicular, exceeding the calyx, yellow; achenes hairy, acute at both ends.
Photographed from Khillenmarg Meadow, above Gulmarg Kashmir in last week of June.
I would like the members examine the plant uploaded on FOI. I have a feeling that it may be a species of Potentilla and not Acomastylis elata. Please go through following links. The species may rarely also have red flowers.
Please note larger flowers and emarginate petals.
Should we take it as Acomastylis elata var. humilis (Royle) F. Bolle in view of your remarks in the thread ?
Yes ...
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Potentilla peduncularis appears to be the closest match.
I thought Potentilla peduncularis was an East Himalayan species. To me this looks closer to Potentilla anserina
can't be sure though.
Potentilla anserina belongs to the group with alternate large and minute leaflets, which I don't see in this case. Plus leaflets are much different. I also don't see any stolons.
In any case more than ten Potentilla species have been uploaded by ... alone. Many of which look interesting. Right now we can only make guesses. Would evaluate them critically later on, although I feel handicapped due to paucity of literature here in California.
Perhaps Acomastylis elata (Geum elatum) should come through.

I had also just thought of Geum elatum, but you posted before me! :-)
Thanks ... Critical analysis really helps. Our knowledge of Himalayan Flora is really getting refreshed/improved through this VOF trip and uploads. 
Should we take it as Acomastylis elata var. humilis (Royle) F. Bolle in view of your remarks in the thread ?
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Location: en-route Hemkund Sahib
This was seen to be dominating the slope near Hemkund Sahib. Its a erect herb.
Date/Time: 09-08-2012 / 12:30PM
Perhaps Potentilla gerardiana
this is Geum elatum
I think yes Acomastylis elata
Should we take it as Acomastylis elata var. humilis (Royle) F. Bolle in view of your remarks in the thread ?

Catalogue of Life  The Plant List Ver.1.1 (Acomastylis elata var. humilis (Royle) F.Bolle Flora of China (Acomastylis elata var. humilis (Royle) F. Bolle)  Annotated checklist of Flowering plants of Nepal (Geum elatum var. humile Wall. ex G. Don)