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For ID from Eastern Arunachal: (mixed thread): These photographs were taken in Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary in Mishmi Hills, East Arunachal Pradesh in April, 2012. Pre-monsoon rains were frequent. Please identify. Thanks.
I shall check and post if I've any shots of the leaves as I did not take any kind of record shots. However, I must let all know, my good friend and very knowledgeable Mr. Anil Rajbhar has identified it as 1) Fragaria species, 2) Lyonia species of Ericaceae. Third one is yet to be identified.
Rosaceae Week: Fragaria ananassa from Wayanad - 04Oct11AR05:
Rosaceae Week: Fragaria Vesca/ananassa from Wayanad - 04Oct11AR05
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Way to Karapuzha dam, Wayanad, Kerala
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10 Jan 2011 06:15PM
seems to be wild strawberry or garden escapee... do not know the binomial classification though
Wild Raspberry from Tawang, A.P. I think ... had sent a Photo of Wid Raspberry from Lava. It is a Rubus species. The European species is R. idaeus, the american one is a sub-species of idaeus.
There is an arctic species also. This pic is from 11000 ft. The species i.d. is requested.
Are the leaves of the same plant as the fruit?
I think it is so. Attaching one photo of the plant with flowers. I think it is Rubus lasiocarpus
Appears to be some Fragaria species.
Fragaria vesca ? 


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