Thalictrum alpinum

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Ranunculaceae Week: Thalictrum alpinum L.: Thalictrum alpinum L. Sp. Pl. 545 1753.
Type: Lectotype : Herb. Linn. No. 225 (LAPP)
Location: In Peer Panjal Range near Rohtang Pass, Himachal Pradesh.
Date: 15.06.2008
Camera used: Sony cybershot
Elevation: >4000m
I am unable to trace the type!!
Habitat: on rock, mountain slope
Habit: small herb, about 10 - 15 cm high; flower about 1 - 2 mm across
I think Thalictrum sp.
Leaves should help.
Unfortunately cannot get to leaves in any of the views I have.
May be Thalictrum elegans
Many thanks ... for the possibility of Thalictrum elegans; the plant at efi thread with possibility of Thalictrum elegans seems to have a different looking inflorescence.
Yes ... I overlooked this shoud not be T elegans
How about Thalictrum alpinum ?
Thalictrum alpinum. A dwarf species with leaves usually on surface only and usually identified by the flowering stalk only.

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Thalictrum alpinum L.
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