Thalictrum acaule

Thalictrum acaule Jacquem. ex Cambess., Voy. Inde 4: 3 1841. ;

Thalictrum acaule Jacquem. ex Cambess., considered as a synonym of T. alpinum L., is resurrected as a distinct species by Pusalkar & Singh 2012 (Flora of Gangotri National Park, Western Himalaya, India; page 115-116) and differentiated as:
Flowers 5-6mm across, densely arranged towards the top, leaves yellowish-green, apparently thick, sub-leathery; anthers 2.2-2.5mm long, tepals, anther lobes and filaments of equal length; anthers beaked at apex......... T. acaule
Flowers 2.5-4mm across, distantly and laxly arranged; leaves dark green to greyish green above, pale beneath, apparently thin, papery; anthers 1.5-2mm long; filaments 1-1.5x the length of tepals or anther lobes; anthers mucronate at apex.......... T. alpinum
Considering leathery, yellowish-green leaves; flowers densely arranged towards the top of inflorescence; beaked anthers I have placed my species in Thalictrum acaule.
Photographed in Khalya alpine meadow, Munsyari area, Uttarakhand in July 2015.

nice information and pictures
Thanks a lot ... for bringing out one more Himalayan beauty from your recent tour..
I can imagine you could have got so much more, if climate had favored you a little..!!